Alkanet Root Powder(Ground)

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Medically known as Alkanna Tinctoria, alkanet is known around the world for its medicinal properties. Alkanet root powder has been consumed and applied from ages. Primarily, it is utilized as a dyeing and tingling agent, particularly for clothes, soap, as well as lip ointment.

Uses & Benefits:-
– Curing ulcers
– As a pigment
– Healing wounds
– Treating diarrhoea
– Treating skin diseases
– Controlling cholesterol
– Eliminates gastric complications

Constituents of Alkanet Root Powder:-
Here are the main constituents of alkanet root powder:-
– Vitamins
– Nutrients
– Minerals
– Antioxidants
– Naphthazarin
– Alkan
– Esters
– Angelic acid

Alkanet Root Powder Blends:-
When taken with other herbs, alkanet root power makes a good combination.

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