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Bay leaves is one of the ingredients that is well known for its aroma. It is medicinal properties and is used to several ailments. Though it is bitter in taste and it is a very strong odor. The botanical name of bay leaves is laurus nobilis. It is also known as Indain bay leaf, laurel leaf, sweet bay, sweet laurel, and true laurel. It is cultivated in Asia. Bay leaves also known as tej patta in Hindi. It is not grown in northern regions. It is mostly used in culinary herbs in Europe and North America.

Uses & Benefits:-
Bay leaves is several uses which are mentioned below:-
– Extracted oil from the bay leaf is used to avoid bugs and cockroaches.
– Capsules, as well as tinctures that are prepared from the bay leaves, are used as health supplements.
– Bay leaves is boiled in water and is used for treating cough, cold, aches, pains, fever, digestive problems, and diabetes.

Constituents of Bay Leaves:-
Bay leaves contains essential oils, Eucalyptol, Polyphenol and many other compounds.

Bay Leaves Blends:-
Bay leaves can be blended with soups, stews, and food that will be boiled. So that they can be removed before serving.

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    Has a nice sharp bay leaf that really shows in recipes versus the grocery store stuff. Excellent price.

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