Black Mustard Seeds(Whole)

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Black Mustard Seeds looks round in shape and small in size. These are used as a tempering ingredient in most of the Indian food. These seeds are bitter to taste and give a good aroma. It is a popular spice which is mostly used in vegetarian dishes, dal curries and also. It is also used for picking. Mustard seeds are available in yellow and brown seeds also.

Uses & Benefits:-
Black mustard seeds have following uses:-
– Black mustard seeds are used to give mustard flavor to the dishes.
– Paste from this mustard seeds is applied on the skin for treating pneumonia.
– This oil is extracted from these seeds which applied for cold, joint pains, muscle pain and used in medicines.

Constituents of Black Mustard Seeds:-
Black Mustard Seeds constituents are fatty oils, isothiocyanates, linolenic and erucic acid.

Black Mustard Seeds Blends:-
Black mustard seeds can be blended perfectly well with any of the ingredients.

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