Black Pepper Powder(Ground)

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There was a time when black pepper was known as black gold. The traders of Europe took this miraculous spice from India to Europe. This spice is known for its culinary as well as medicinal properties.

Uses & Benefits:-
The main uses of black pepper powder are:-
– Pain reliever
– Weight loss
– Arthritis
– Curing cancer
– Curing cough
– Cures respiratory disorders
– Helps in constipation
– Treats pyorrhea

Constituent of Black Pepper Powder:-
– Volatile oils
– Oleoresins
– Vitamin k
– Iron
– Manganese
– Nutrients
– Protein
– Dietary fibre

Black Pepper Powder Blends:-
Black pepper powder is known to be used in combination with a number of other spices and blends well with others.

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