Black Sesame Seeds(Whole)

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Black sesame seeds are small in shape and bitter to taste. These seeds have lots of nutritional values. They have a good aroma and adds flavor to the dishes. It is cultivated for eatable seeds. It is also known as Kala til. Black sesame seeds is a flowering plant of the genus. The botanical name of black sesame seed is sesamum Indicum. Black sesame seeds is a common ingredient in cuisines around the world.

Uses & Benefits:-
Black sesame seeds have following beneficial factors by using them:-
– These are preferred in the preparation of medicines.
– The addition of these seeds in dishes helps in gaining nutritional values and is a rich source of proteins.
– Intake of these seeds will cure diabetes, anemia, cardiovascular problems, digestion related problems, bone health and protection from radiation.

Constituents of Black Sesame Seeds:-
Black sesame seeds will contain magnesium, zinc, and calcium.

Black Sesame Seeds Blends:-
Black sesame seeds will blend perfectly well with any ingredients and are calcium rich food.

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